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City Property Management

Community Manager
Luis Rosas, CMCA
602-437-4777 Ext 2134
Email Luis Rosas

Community Assistant
Lou Lou Singer
602-437-4777 Ext: 2116
Email Lou Lou Singer

Board of Directors

Chris Cetwinski, President
Pat Neely
Paula Rico

Architectural Committee

Patrick Neely – Chair
Bernard Thiel – Member
Billie Cawley – Member

CPMC staff

Association Accountant
Carla Heckel 602-437-4777 ext. 2230

Accounting Assistant
Nancy Pena 602-437-4777, ext. 2228

Account Services Representative
Mary Falltrick 602-437-4777, ext. 2471

General Customer Service
Fax 602-437-4770